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Health and Welfare Information

The majority of Local 202 members participate in the UTF-United Teamster Fund, including all members at the Hunts Point Market,  and are  covered  by the United Teamster Fund Welfare, Pension and Annuity Funds.  However, other members receive various benefits as negotiated with their specific employers.

If you have questions about your benefits, check with your Business Agent or contact the Fund Office at (718) 859-1624.

Fund Providers

Health Insurance Provider

Dental Insurance Provider

Prescription Drug Benefit Provider

Aetna’s Nurse Medical Line (800) 556-1555
Aetna’s Crisis Response Line (833) 327-2386

UTF-United Teamster Fund
2137 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Main Phone 718-859-1624
Claims Department Fax 718-421-0885
Administrations Department Fax 718-943-0159